Neurohacker Review (UPDATED 2018): Does This Product Really Work?

 NeurohackerNeurohacker Brain Booster Pill Reviews – Ok, so, the developers of  Neurohacker are claiming that this is the one. If you have been looking for a supplement to improve your overall brain performance then this could be it. Or could it? Surely if this isn’t your first stop in your search then you are well aware of the disgusting number of scams out there and the horrible products they are trying to swindle you into wasting your money on. At this point, honestly, I have a hard time believing anything. With that said, surely not all of them are as horrid and unsatisfactory as most so I cannot just overlook this product and claim its bad. I am sure that there are decent things about it.

I started doing reviews of these products simply because I am sick and tired of dealing with scams. Though I have long given up the search for something and decided to just try and give people a heads up about the nasty scams, alarming terms, and frightful possible side effects. It’s unfortunate that these reviews even have to exist, but the FDA does not regulate or approve supplements in general which means they can do anything they like and don’t get reprimanded for it. So, I have taken it upon myself to reveal the suspicious products and companies out there and help you decide whether they are what you are looking for.

What is Neurohacker?

This is another all natural supplement claiming to be filled with nootropics and give you a brain boost like no other. Thankfully, the website is actually quite decent and not like the substandard product websites I have seen in the past. I find the use of identical content from website to website objectionable and rather offensive considering that it basically means they think we are dumb enough to fall for it.

What they Claim is that this Product Will:

  • Boost Energy
  • Maintain Focus

 Boost Overall Brain Performance:

These are all great benefits and I am sure there is not one person that would deny this. The problem is whether they are true and whether they aren’t just rotten lies all over again. The good thing is that you will find out rather quickly if the product works as they claim that within 30 minutes you will feel its effects, effects equaling the 100% of your brain being unlocked. Now we all know that’s just a lie as I highly doubt there is a product out there that can do that.

I love how they decided to use a disgusting tactic of putting you down, especially if you are of age. They discuss how college students have been using nootropics and smart drugs to boost their performance and are now using them in the workplace. This basically means that young people are not only out for your job as it is and you should feel threatened by them taking over, but basically that nobody has a chance to keeping their job without a supplement. This is not only depressing but a generally unpleasant hit of reality on steroids. Even though a supplement such as this will be able to improve your concentration and overall brain performance, I highly doubt it’s what draws the line between a college kid on “smart drugs” and you losing your job. There is a bit more to it than that.

What I did like was that they do Provide a List of Ingredients:

Unlike other dreadful ad imperfect websites offering questionable products, this one actually provides you a list of ingredients. Not the full list I am certain, but at least something to go by. The rating of a website that does not is rather grim as obviously they are trying to hide something. Its unwise to order any sort of supplement before researching the ingredients properly.

Tyrosine – creates neurotransmitters which promote alertness – considered safe for up to 3 months but has unwanted side effects.

GABA – prevents over excitement of the brain to keep you focused – considered safe only up to 12 weeks.

Bacopa Monnieri – boosts cerebral blood flow and cognitive function – considered safe for up to 12 weeks and has unfavorable side effects.

Alpha GPC – maintains function of neurotransmission which is key to cognition – considered safe when taken properly but has deplorable side effects one of which is confusion (the opposite of what we want).

Vinpocetine – boosts utilization of glucose in the brain and boosts production of ATP energy – considered safe when taken properly but has harmful side effects.

Huperzine A – inhibits acetylcholinesterase which breaks down acetylcholine – considered safe for up to 3 months but has alarming side effects.

Now, all of these have proven in one way or another to be effective on the brain in a positive way. Unfortunately, nearly all of them come with negative side effects. Another thing to note is that even though they are being researched for these positive results and have shown signs, some are still yet to be proven as effective. It is important to understand that some are not researched well and may be harmful     and the results could be dreadful. The good thing is that they have been used excessively in many other supplements and no serious problems have been reported.

Where to Buy Neurohacker?

To purchase this product you select one of three options. Fortunately they do not have the horrible trial offers and ruthless auto ship programs where you are stuck paying for a vile product you don’t even use.

Even with the lower prices on multiple purchases I discourage you from buying more than on month supply until you are certain this product is for you. Also, be sure to speak with your doctor before ordering or before taking to ensure that it will not distress your body in any way.

Take this information on  Neurohacker and use it to decide for yourself whether this product is quality or if it’s nothing more than another substandard, unsatisfactory, and dishonest scam.

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